The Lily and Rose Collection

"Love is the flower you've got to let grow"
- John Lennon
        Here at Lily and Rose Papier, we value what we see grow from nature and show kindness and consideration to all those around us. We revel in our differences, but also in what makes us all the same; the need to love and grow.
The inspiration behind The Lily and Rose Collection comes simply from love. The artist behind the collection, Jennifer Collander, finds artistic inspiration from the love she sees through her daughters. The brand, Lily and Rose, is named after Jennifer's twin girls, and holds special meaning. All pieces of artwork, whether on canvas or paper, convey a sense of beauty and celebration of the unique individuality in us all. 
Each month, a new collection of watercolor botanicals will be for sale on personalized stationery. Colors, textures, and compositions are carefully curated to compliment each month and season. 
Shop our first collection, Botanicals in Blush